OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – The Winnebago County District Attorney has issued a statement on why the case involving Oshkosh business owner Jason Lindemann and the hit-and-run boat crash on July 9 was forwarded to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

According to a statement sent by Winnebago County District Attorney Eric Sparr, two people within Sparr’s office are socially familiar with Lindemann and would have been firewalled off from the case.

“A Riverside hearing was held when we determined that although the case was not yet ready to be charged, it also seemed inappropriate for Mr. Lindemann to simply be released from custody without rules or monitoring,” wrote Sparr.

Sparr continued on and explained that as law enforcement continued to investigate and more victims were identified, the district attorney’s office found that individuals within Sparr’s office also knew some of the victims.

In the weeks following the hit-and-run boat crash, there was significant discussion of the case on social media, saying certain community members were on Lindemann’s boat.

“I am aware that rumors and incorrect information came out and were repeated many times concerning particular community members being on Mr. Lindemann’s boat,” said Sparr. “My Office has no conflict regarding any of the passengers that were actually on Mr. Lindemann’s boat.”

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The Winnebago County District Attorney wrapped up the statement by saying “I have concluded that it is not possible for my office to persecute this case without creating the appearance of conflict and we are pursuing the appointment of a special prosecutor.”

No further details were provided and Local 5 News will update this should any other details emerge following this case.