OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – The Winnebago County Fair is advising people of another Facebook account with a similar name sending friend requests, and even asking for credit card information.

According to the Winnebago County Fair’s Facebook page (the real one), there is a fake account that is sending friend requests to people. They also mentioned some reports of the fake account asking people for their credit card information.

The apparent name of the account that is sending out friend requests is very similar to the Winnebago County Fair’s page. ‘WinnebagocountyFair-oshkoshwi’ is the name of the fake account compared to ‘Winnebago County Fair-Oshkosh, Wi’.

The Winnebago County Fair reinforced the statement that they will never ask people for their credit card information to hand out prizes or get other information from people.

If anyone receives a request from the fake account, the real Winnebago County Fair is asking for people to report the account and not accept the request.

Local 5 will update this story as more information is released.