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Winnebago County Judge Sentences Brian Flatoff to 100 Years in Prison

Winnebago County, Wis (WFRV) - A Winnebago County judge sentenced the man convicted of felony murder following a standoff in Neenah to 100 years in prison and 50 years of extended supervision.

48-year-old Brian Flatoff faced the judge Wednesday morning.

"I'm going to pay for what I did even if it means dying in prison, I'm going to pay for that, I'm going to do the best i can with the remainder of my life," said Flatoff in his final statement.


In December of 2015, Flatoff barged into Eagle Nation Cycles armed and demanded to see a man over a motorcycle he once owned.

Flatoff  then took hostages, and when police responded, one of the hostages, Michael Funk, was shot and killed by Neenah police while trying to escape.

Flatoff was found guilty on fourteen charges.

Officer Craig Hoffer gave an emotional speech at the trial, addressing the hostage rescue that killed Michael Funk.

Hoffer said, "When it comes to the shooting of Michael Funk, Rob Ross and I have felt we had to do that at the time to make sure other officers and ourselves went home that night."

Not long after, Judge John Jorgensen issued the sentence of 100 years in Wisconsin prison, and 50 years of extended supervision.  Flatoff was found guilty on fourteen charges.

"Based upon your numerous criminal convictions, your horrible character, lack of of rehabilitation, lack of accepting responsibility, I'm finding it is necessary to incarcerate you for the remaining period of your life to protect the public," said Judge Jorgensen.

Deputy District Attorney, Scott Ceman, commented after the trial, "The goal was to ensure that he never got out of prison and that certainly happened today, after the conclusion of the trial and the verdict, I hope it helps the city of Neenah recover from this."

Brian Flatoff did make it clear he will appeal his conviction.

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