WINNECONNE, Wis. (WFRV) – A woman from Winnebago County is in custody after an out-of-state victim reported a possible scam to local authorities, which is believed to have victims nationwide.

According to the Winneconne Police Department, the out-of-state victim contacted Winneconne PD and reported that she believed to be a victim of an online scamming operation in which the suspect attempted to purchase ‘an item of value’ from her online.

Authorities say the caller reportedly sent an undisclosed amount of funds via money orders to a Winneconne resident during the incident.

The victim’s reports were confirmed by officers after authorities located the mailer, receipts, and funds at the suspect’s residence.

“Through extensive investigative efforts, our department uncovered that the suspect in this matter had been actively involved in a nationwide, and more than likely, a worldwide ring of scamming/fraud operations,” the Winneconne PD’s Facebook post read. “Some of these scams have been drafted from supposed retail/item purchases, supposed business opportunities, supposed charity donations, private airplane purchases, and more.”

So far, Winneconne PD has reportedly identified victims in California, Texas, Montana, Utah, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, and New Hampshire.

As a result of ‘a very fluid investigation,’ Winneconne PD took a 66-year-old woman into custody and stated that she is currently awaiting charges and is being held at the Winnebago County Jail.

Authorities in Winneconne have been able to intercept over $20,000 in funds belonging to victims, but believe that over $100,000 has been lost, resulting in numerous victims not being able to be reimbursed.

This, unfortunately, is a reminder of the real nature of scamming efforts hitting home. Please be very cognizant when considering sending money orders, cashier’s checks, currency, gift cards, and high-end electronics to individuals through the mail. If you personally do not know who you are sending an item of value to, please question your next steps. If you ever have any questions or something doesn’t seem right, please call us anytime and we can help you assess the situation.

Winneconne Police Department

Due to the ongoing investigation, no additional information is being provided.