Winneconne family aims to thank law enforcement in all 3,142 counties in America

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WINNECONNE, Wis. (WFRV) A large, detailed map of the U.S. with a handful of colorful pins sticking out is posted right in the kitchen of Nate Carroll’s home. Eventually, he and his family hope to have the map completely covered with pins, as part of their Thanking Law Enforcement Challenge.

This year, the Carroll’s decided to raise awareness about the responsibilities and challenges that our men and women in blue face every single day. Part of the challenge consists of thanking officers in all 3,142 counties in America with hand shakes, thank yous and personal letters. For each department they thank, a pin goes in the map on the city they’ve reached out to. 

“During times of need, times of crisis – that’s the people we look to to help us to safety,” Nate said. “[They] assure us that everything’s going to be ok, that help is there.” 

Nate’s three kids – Charlie, Louie and Millie – are in on the challenge as well.

“While we’re around town, if we see a police car driving by or if we see one in the school parking lot, we walk up to them and thank them,” said Charlie. 

“Sometimes we write on the computer, but most of the time we write on paper and send them,” added Louie.

The other part of the challenge is more of an extreme workout. Nate is on pace to complete 1 million push ups by the end of 2019. To date, he’s completed 383,627 of them. He uses a personal journal to jot down each set so he doesn’t lose track. 

“My highest so far is 3,800 push ups in one day,” Nate said. “The push ups is about modeling goals and being a role model for my children.”

Nate says having his kids involved is important for their future. 

“My hope is that through this challenge, they focus on a bigger picture,” he said. “So when they’re older and more able, they get the urge to assist others. It’s really important to me that I instill that in them.”

His kids seem to be getting that message. 

“Before we started doing this challenge, I had no idea of the emergencies or rescues [officers] had done,” said Charlie. “Now that we’re researching on the internet, writing letters – it kind of makes you more aware of the world around you and how they’re helping us.”

“Even if we dont reach all 3,142 counties in 2019, I’m going to continue on untl we reach that goal,” said Nate.

The Carrolls are asking the public to help them with their challenge. You can email them nominations at

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