With snow covered roads expected in Northeast Wisconsin Friday evening, here are some safe winter driving tips:

-Clear snow and ice from all of your windows and lights before driving.

-Drive slower than normal.  Remember that posted speed limits are meant for dry pavement.

-Brake earlier than normal and increase your following distance. It takes more time to stop in adverse conditions.

-Don’t use cruise control in wintry conditions.  If you skid or hydroplane, it will cause your car to accelerate since it’s trying to maintain a constant speed.

-Keep your gas tank at least half full.  If the tank is too empty, condensation can form, then freeze into ice, causing problems with starting your car.

-Stock your car with a winter survival kit, including an ice scraper, snow shovel, and sand or salt.

To receive up-to-date information prior to travel, you can use 511 Wisconsin, the state’s 24/7/365 travel information service.  511 Wisconsin is available by visiting here.