(WFRV) – Prime Day can nearly be described as the ‘Black Friday’ of summer, and with that comes an uptick in online scammers.

According to the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin, shoppers should be careful to not get ‘caught up in the excitement’ and fall for a phishing scam. It can be easy to lose track of purchases and what websites were shopped at, which officials say can make it more likely to fall for a scam.

Additionally, fake ads can direct shoppers to scam websites. These ads can look similar to those from trusted retailers, but when inspected closely it is phony.

Officials provided the following tips to not get scammed:

  • Beware of lookalike websites
    • Look at the URL, watch for bad grammar, read online reviews, search for contact information, research the age of the domain
  • Professional photos do not mean it’s a real offer
    • Scammers can steal photos off other websites
  • Make sure the website is secure
    • Look for the ‘HTTPS’ in the URL and a small lock icon on the address bar. Never provide payment or personal information on a website that is not secure.
  • Be careful purchasing sought-after products
    • If something is sold out, don’t get tempted by a seemingly great deal. Scammers can trick shoppers by offering popular products at low prices.
  • Pay with a credit card
    • If any shady charges turn up, they can be contested through the credit card company. Be wary of retailers that ask to pay by digital wallet apps, prepaid money cards or other non-traditional payment methods.
  • After you buy, stay alert for scams
    • Scammers can spoof different phone numbers and pretend to be Amazon support.

“Scammers that attempt to impersonate Amazon put our customers and our brand at risk. Although these scams take place outside our store, we will continue to invest in protecting customers and educating the public on scam avoidance. We encourage customers to report suspected scams to us so that we can protect their accounts and refer bad actors to law enforcement to help keep consumers safe. Please visit our help pages to find additional information on how to identify scams and report them.”

Amazon spokesperson

More information can be viewed on the BBB’s website.