GREEN BAY, WI (WFRV) – Car show season is in gear here in Northeast Wisconsin.

Chances are if you check one out here or there, you’re bound to come across two buddies.

Green Bay’s Mike Edlebeck and his 1965 Cadillac Sedan hard top and Suamico’s David Miller with his 1935 Ford pickup.

What is so interesting is how their long and winding road to owning these classics only happened because of their Wisconsin connections.

For Mike, it was while on a bus trip in Florida in 1972.

“I saw the car,” Mike recalled. “I told the driver, leave me out. This is how I’m going home.”

As he was looking at the car, the owner came outside and they started to talk.

Turns out it was Mike’s Aunt’s landlord.

“He said if you take it home and take care of it like your aunt did her apartment I’ll let you have it for $500.”

Then there’s the story about how his buddy Miller got his hands on his classic truck. It just so happens it was also while down in Flordia checking out a car show.

“The owner from Antigo,” Miller said. “Very similar to my buddy here.”

Although it took the owner of the truck about a month to finally decide to sell it.

“He said you’re the first one whoever asked, so you’ll be the first that I seel it to, ya know.”

Both try to make as many car shows as they can.

They say it’s fun to compete, but they do it for charity, not the trophy.

“Donations for churches and picnics and stuff like that,” Miller noted. “I like doing that kind of stuff ya know.”

Local 5 News caught up with the pair at the Black Sheep Car Show for the Preble High School Sting Cancer fundraiser.

They are also regulars at the Wednesday car show at the A & W on Velp Avenue in Green Bay.

It is one of the longest, continuously running car shows, at more than 20 years. Car owners start to gather around 4 and linger until dark, weather permitting.