BAILEYS HARBOR, Wis. (WFRV) – Baileys Harbor Fish Company revolves around fish, owner Carin Stuth says the company is one of many vowing to use 100% of the fish. 

“The bones, heads, scales, and end tails are all provided currently to a fish fertilizer processing plant, so moving forward with 100% use of fish is something that we can easily do,” explained Stuth. 

Stuth says using 100% of the fish will benefit the environment and consumers. 

“I think using 100% of the fish is a very green initiative and it’s a lot of what we’re seeing across our country in multiple different industries, so it’s exciting that the food industry is also having the ability to use bi-product for other consumer goods,” said Stuth. 

Research shows that Wisconsin is ranked number 2 in the country for fishing, those taking the pledge now hope others will inspire others to do the same.