KIMBERLY, Wis. (WFRV) – Competitive cheerleaders dream of one day holding a national title, and now Wisconsin Dance and Cheer holds four.

“It was literally the best feeling in the world,” said Kaylyn Witthuhn, a senior at the Wisconsin Dance and Cheer gym.

Diandre Newman is one of the two head coaches at the program. She said, “It was mind blowing. I don’t think anyone really expected all four teams would come out on top. We all knew all of our teams had the potential to be top contenders but we didn’t expect all of our teams to end up taking home the gold.”

The coaches said it is unheard of to have so many teams place.

“I just feel very proud,” said Newman. “Very proud of every single one of those kids who went out there and very proud that a small gym in Kimberly, Wisconsin went out against the best of the best and came out on top.”

Varsity All-Star puts on the event called ‘The Summit’ and these athletes spent hundreds of hours preparing.

“Not every practice is easy. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into it. We have to come in a lot extra,” said Witthuhn. “We don’t always leave happy. Sometimes there’s tears, blood injuries.”

The sport teaches these athletes more than just cheerleading.

“When I first started cheer I had a lot of anxiety and cheer brought me out of that and made me become more social and I gained a lot of friends from doing that,” said Witthuhn.

The gym also took home the Grand Champion title for having the highest overall score out of the over one thousand competing teams.