GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Gas prices are on the rise in Green Bay, and Wisconsin drivers say the increase in prices is affecting how they travel. 

“I drove to work the other day and prices have gone up fifty cents since Friday morning,” said Steven Ryba, a Green Bay resident. 

Average gas prices from AAA seem to reflect a jump in price across northeast Wisconsin.

In Green Bay, last week’s gas price was $3.35. This week prices rose to more than $3.80.

For Appleton, last week’s average price was $3.25, yet this week the average price rose to more than $3.70. Over in Oshkosh, last week’s average price was $3.27, that price jumped to $3.70 too. 

“I just pumped fifty-seven dollars and seventy cents, and I had just over a quarter tank of fuel. If you live close to work take a bike, but I work on the far west side of Green Bay and I live on the east side so that is not an alternative right now,” stated Ryba.  

The average cost of gas in Wisconsin is $3.76. Krist oils gas cashier Heaven Leyva quinones says she has noticed an increase at the pump and that she recommends carpooling to save. 

“What I’ve been noticing is that our gas prices have been going up. Not in just mid-grade and premium, but non-leaded. I do not drive personally. I catch rides from relatives or friends, or I would walk or ride my bike or there is a city bus here in Green Bay that you can take,” said Quinones.  

Quinones believes the increase in gas prices is due to significant demand for gas nationwide.  

“I would think it’s because right now where we’re getting our supplies from, it increases their value. So honestly, it is where the sources from the United States are getting it and honestly, that’s just how business is,” explained Quinones.

The highest average price recorded for gas in the state was $4.92 back in June.