Wisconsin GOP Members Announce Tax Plan to Help Middle Class

Local News

Republican Representatives from Northeast Wisconsin were in Green Bay to announce a tax plan to help the middle class in Wisconsin. 

The proposal would provide $340 million in overall tax relief to help individuals making less than $100,000 and families making less than $150,000. 

In attendance were Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke, Representative Joel Kitchens, Representative John Macco, Representative Mike Rohrkaste, Representative Shane Sortwell and Representative David Steffen. 

They say that Governor Evers’ plan would have a negative affect on manufacturers and farmers. Rep. Steffen said during the announcement, 

“We are losing in America’s dairyland almost two farms per day in the state of Wisconsin. And the last thing that our farmers need when they are down on their knees is a kick in the gut by state government by increasing their taxes.”

The new plan would mean the average Wisconsin family could see as much as a $310 tax cut. 

GOP members also said the Assembly will pass a bill next Tuesday, January 22nd, covering people with pre-existing conditions. 

Editor’s Note: An earlier verison of the story was corrected from saying a $310,000 tax cut for the average family to $310.

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