(WFRV) – A Homeowner Association told a home in Wisconsin to take down its Pride flag, but that did not stop the homeowners from finding a rule-following way to show their support.

According to a Reddit post, following a decision by the HOA to ban all flags except the U.S. flag, a home was asked to take down the Pride flag that has been flown since 2016. The decision to ban all other flags was made as some neighbors were flying Black Lives Matter, Blue Line and other flags.

The homeowners received an email the day after the decision was made saying that someone reported their Pride flag. They complied and removed the flag, but decided to comb through the rules to see if there was another way to show their support that was within the rules of the HOA.

They noticed in the rules that removable lights were permitted without restriction. Following that discovery, the homeowners bought six colored floodlights and shined the colored lights on their home.

According to the homeowners, they live at the end of a cul de sac and the lights are turned off around 10:00 p.m.

It was also noted that the homeowner does not think the rule change was made to attack them personally. The reason they purchased the lights was to show their individuality while still following the rules.

The post was made five days ago and already has amassed over 6,000 comments and 82,000 ‘upvotes’. The post was made in the ‘Malicious Compliance subreddit’ In the Reddit post there is no information regarding what city the homeowners live in.