WISCONSIN (WFRV) – The Wisconsin Human Society (WHS) brought in 62 beagles from a mass-breeding facility in Virginia that allegedly had animal welfare concerns.

According to a release, WHS picked up and transported nine beagle mothers and 53 puppies over the weekend as part of the operation. All 62 dogs are currently in WHS foster homes throughout southeast Wisconsin.

“On Saturday night, our team welcomed, examined, and placed all 62 animals in foster homes in less than two hours,” said Alison Fotsch Kleibor, WHS Executive Vice President – CEO Designate. “It has been such a powerful experience to be a small part of the journey for these animals and an even greater privilege to be a part of the team who made it happen.”

Envigo RMS LLC facility in Cumberland, Virginia is where around 4,000 beagles are being removed from. The transfer plan comes as a result of a lawsuit filed against the facility by the Department of Justice in May, alleging Animal Welfare Act violations at the facility.

  • Beagles transferred from Cumberland, Virginia to Wisconsin.
  • Beagles transferred from Cumberland, Virginia to Wisconsin

After dozens of inspections, those with the Department of Justice found that some dogs had been euthanized without first receiving anesthesia. Other problems such as inadequate care and insufficient food also were found as a result of the investigation.

“It takes a massive network of compassionate, expert shelters and rescues to make an operation of this scale possible,” said Lindsay Hamrick, shelter outreach and engagement director for the Humane Society of the United States. “We are deeply grateful to each organization that is stepping up to find these dogs the loving homes they so deserve.”

The beagles will be available for adoption once they are old enough to be placed, and healthy enough for new homes.

Those interested in adoption can find out further information here.