LA CROSSE, Wis. (WFRV) – A 26-year-old man in southwestern Wisconsin that was being transported from jail to an emergency room reportedly escaped before eventually getting apprehended in a completely different county.

According to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, on August 1 26-year-old Paul Germundson was transported from the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office Jail to an emergency room for medical attention. While leaving the hospital, Germundson reportedly escaped from custody and got into an unlocked vehicle.

The vehicle reportedly had the keys in it near the front doors. Germundson ended up allegedly fleeing in the vehicle.

Authorities say that Germundson was found at his family’s residence in Lynxville. Law enforcement tried to take Germundson into custody but he allegedly rammed an unmarked square truck and fled in the stolen vehicle.

It was mentioned that the owner of the stolen vehicle was not involved or helped in Germundson’s escape.

The unoccupied vehicle was later found crashed into a wooded area in Stoddard, Wisconsin. Germundson was not found in the nearby area.

Later, personnel with the La Crosse Police Department found and apprehended Germundson at a hotel in La Crosse. The Vernon County Sheriff’s Office also provided information about the incident.

Court records show that Germundson has been officially charged with three counts in relation to an incident that happened on August 2.

The case is reportedly still under investigation and no additional information was provided.