(WFRV) – From trying Culver’s to watching a demolition derby, one tourist from Japan captured why Wisconsin may be an underrated tourist destination.

In a viral TikTok video, a visitor from Japan showed some of Wisconsin’s highlights. The video has nearly 600,000 views to go along with over 96,000 likes.

The video was posted by the account named George Japan. He starts the video off by saying ‘Wisconsin is so underrated’.

He is from Japan, but ‘likes Wisconsin’. Just like most first-time Wisconsin visitors, he tried Culver’s. He recommended people to get a butterburger and even said it is better than McDonald’s.

The Walworth County Fair was another stop, where he ended up watching a demolition derby. He called it a ‘monster truck derbies’ and said nobody knew who won the derby.

He was also seen wearing a cheesehead. He described the neighborhoods as ‘calm’ and ‘peaceful’.

The video ends with him saying he likes ‘Wisconsin’s… summer’. He certainly can’t be blamed for not wanting to stick around for the sub-zero temperatures and feet of snow.

The Green Bay Packers themselves even responded and thanked him for visiting. Someone even commented ‘Normalize romanticizing Wisconsin’.

In total, the video has just under 1,200 comments.