BROCKWAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Wisconsin law enforcement says less-lethal rounds were used Friday afternoon to end a standoff with a man wielding a knife.

According to a release from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, authorities received a call at 1:45 p.m. for reports that a man armed with a knife was trying to fight multiple people near 400 Oasis Road in Brockway.

When they arrived on the scene, deputies said they recognized the man from multiple encounters in the past as he had a lengthy criminal record. Deputies also confirmed that the man did have a knife and he was attempting to shield himself behind a large statue.

Additional law enforcement agencies then responded to the scene and attempted to negotiate with the man who allegedly made it clear that he would not be complying peacefully.

Officials then reported that less-lethal rounds (bean bags) were used successfully by Jackson County deputies to end the standoff and take the man into custody.

An investigation revealed that the man actually called 911 himself to bring law enforcement to the area and it was later discovered that the man had placed items under his clothes to defend himself against specific law enforcement tactics.

After the arrest, the man was taken to a local hospital for medical clearance.

Officials with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office say they are aware of a video circling on the internet from the incident that was taken by private citizens.

Authorities are clarifying that this incident was not an officer-involved shooting, the less-lethal tactics were successful, and no one was critically injured.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office states it will not be releasing the names of those involved in this incident and no other details will be released.