MENASHA, Wis. (WFRV)- After losing a loved one to suicide John Vang looks to prevent others from having a similar experience. Vang and his friends are hosting a fundraiser for suicide prevention. Vang says he’d like others suffering to know that they are not alone. 
“I’ve lost my late girlfriend due to suicide; it is something that I just want people to know that there are people out there that are willing to talk and listen,” said Vang. 

The fundraiser includes raffles, food, and words of encouragement, Vang says others have experienced his pain.  

“There are people out there that have experienced everything that we’ve gone through as survivors of suicide that I feel not a lot of people utilize, talk to, or talk with,” stated Vang. 

Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the “Center for Suicide Awareness” in Kaukauna. Event planner Tina Plummer says they want to donate thousands of dollars to the center. 
“The three of us, we do want to make this a yearly thing and we do want to continue to do this and I think that it’s going to keep getting bigger and it is going to keep getting better we want to raise ten thousand dollars today, “explained Plummer.  

Vang says speaking with family and friends during difficult times will benefit your mental health.  
“The biggest suggestion that I can always tell everybody is talk, especially men with men there’s such a stigma of not wanting to talk and we got to be the tough ones you know, talk to people, talk to your friends that you can really trust and lean on that’s the biggest thing that I can always suggest to do always talk,” said Vang. 

Vang and his friends plan to host the event again next year. If you or someone you know is battling depression or having thoughts of self-harm text the “Center for Suicide Awareness” hope line at “741741”.