SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (WFRV) – One Wisconsin mother is aiming to help parents by providing a desperately needed service to her community.

A Million Dreamz in Sheboygan is looking to make history by opening the first 24/7 daycare facility in Wisconsin. Katie Croweboucher, A Million Dreamz Director, says there is a need for childcare services everywhere. 

Executive Director Angel Berry founded A Million Dreamz in 2019 and says she identifies with the need. 

“I was a single mom and raising two kids on my own before I met my husband, and my oldest has some special needs, so I learned a lot about the shortcomings of childcare and the needs that were out there in my own experience and found that there were more needs much larger than I could’ve imagined,” said Berry. 

Croweboucher says the work of a parent is never done, stating, “Childcare goes from birth to 17 full range of care is needed in those ages.” 

“All over the state of Wisconsin and in the country, the time ranges that the childcare is open is not accommodating to the needs of the community and the workforce,” explained Croweboucher. 

A Million Dreamz has raised more than a million dollars for the facility and has more than 200 children on their waiting list, Berry says it is going to take a team effort to address the issue. 

“To meet the needs of the community to get those families out working, getting better jobs, and having access to those wonderful companies in Sheboygan County, we need those companies to support us here at A Million Dreamz so we can continue the construction and be available for everybody,” said Berry. 

The daycare’s open date is yet to be released. More information on how you can contribute to the center can be found here.