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Wisconsin Republicans Send Letter to Gov. Tony Evers Outlining Goals & Working Together

MADISON, Wis. (WFRV) - The Wisconsin Republicans hand delivered a letter to Governor Tony Evers congratulating him on a successful inauguration as well as laying out new goals for the State. 

In the beginning part of the letter they expressed the desire to work together on a host of issues that Evers discussed during his campaign. They include:

  • Income tax reductions
  • Enhancing high speed internet access
  • Pre-existing condition coverage guarantee
  • Support K-12 education
  • Expanding SeniorCare to cover flu shots
  • Preventing homelessness
  • Addressing the debt level in transportation fund
  • Childcare Affordability
  • Clean water
  • Investments in infrastructure
  • Attracting qualified employees

The letter ended with an expression of sincere hope and goodwill to work for everyone in Wisconsin. 

63 Republican signed the letter including locals Jim Steineke, David Steffen, Paul Tittl, John Nygren and John Macco. 

Local 5 has provided the full letter from Wisconsin Republicans to Governor Evers here.

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