GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – While spring is just around the corner, that has not stopped mother nature from gracing Wisconsinites with snowy weather.

According to National Weather Service meteorologist Kurt Kotenberg, snow totals average about 8 inches for the month of March in the state, and he predicts that by the end of the week, it will surpass that.

“For March 2023, we’re looking at a good chance of below normal temperatures, pretty much everywhere here in Wisconsin and the upper midwest. What that means is when we have precipitation events, there’s a decent chance that it could be cold enough to where we’ll see snow versus rain for some of these events,” Kotenberg says.

While the weather may not be the greatest for some, others are embracing the snowfall. Green Bay resident Rylee McClellan and his 1-year-old son Jax, decided to make shoveling their driveway a father-son activity.

McClellan says, “My son’s been liking it a lot, so it’s been fun bringing him out with the kind of warmer weather. I mean, today’s not great, but could be worse.”

Another Green Bay resident Jennifer Strader says she’s not like most people when it comes to her love for the snow.

“We need the snow to have beautiful flowers in the spring and our plants need it to grow, so I think that the more snow we get, it’s just a blessing,” Strader says.

It’s a good thing some people are making the most of it because this is not the last time we will see snow in the next month.

Kotenberg says, “We still average, in the month of April, generally 4 or so inches of snowfall here in the Fox Valley, so 1-2 snow events for the month is certainly looking like it could be a realistic possibility.”

He also says to be cautious of flooding by the end of the week, with another snowy, rainy mix in the forecast.