(WFRV) – There is no hiding that the state of Wisconsin has plenty of citizens living in it who indulge in a couple of cocktails over the weekend. After all, Wisconsin is home to seven of the top ten drunkest cities in the United States.

Whether it’s a Miller Lite, a Bloody Mary, or an Ice Cream Drink, Wisconsinites love their alcohol, and state lawmakers are playing along.

State Lawmakers are proposing a resolution declaring the brandy old-fashioned, one of Wisconsin’s most beloved beverages, the official state cocktail.

The drink traditionally consists of muddled brandy, bitters, sugar, and ice, giving Wisconsinites something tasty to sip on while at a supper club.

Inside the resolution, Wisconsin lawmakers say that “Wisconsinites commonly garnish an old-fashioned with either a sweet garnish, such as oranges or cherries, or a savory garnish, such as olives, pickled mushrooms, or pickled vegetables.”

The resolution concludes by stating that the brandy old-fashioned has become an unmistakable symbol of Wisconsin, its residents, and its unique culture. Therefore, it should be the state’s official cocktail.

To view the 2023 Assembly Joint Resolution to make the brandy old-fashioned the official state cocktail, click here.