WISCONSIN (WFRV) – As the 2023-24 school year rapidly approaches, the Wisconsin State Patrol is reminding motorists about school bus laws.

In a Facebook post, the Wisconsin State Patrol says that school buses make many stops, and children out walking can be unpredictable, so drivers must be cautious when they see a yellow bus on the roads.

The school bus loading and unloading area is the most dangerous for pedestrians, so always pay attention to a bus when the stop arm extends, or warning lights are engaged.

When driving on the road and encountering a school bus, you should stop at least 20 feet away from a bus when red warning lights are flashing. The only exception is if you are traveling on the other side of a divided road.

Slow down when amber lights are flashing, which signals the bus is about to stop, and red lights will soon be activated. Drivers can pass a bus while amber lights are flashing but should do so cautiously.

Wisconsin law says you need to yield to pedestrians with a walk signal or green light or to those crossing a road with no sign. You should always follow directions from school crossing guards.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, a vehicle that fails to stop for a school bus flashing red lights could result in a fine between $30-$300.

For more information on school bus laws, you can click here.