(WFRV) – Heading somewhere this weekend for Labor Day? Well, authorities in Wisconsin want to make sure that people hauling items are double-checking their tie-downs.

The Wisconsin State Patrol posted on its Facebook page reminding those who are traveling for Labor Day weekend to double-check their tie-downs. The post included what looks like a hot tub on the side of the road that may have fallen off a trailer.

Those hauling a boat, camper or even something else were asked to double-check tie-downs.

Traveling this weekend and hauling a boat, camper, or maybe a hot tub? Double-check your tie-downs are secure to ensure it’s not going anywhere.

Wisconsin State Patrol on Facebook

Labor Day is normally associated with plenty of people traveling. The Federal Aviation Administration predicts that this will be the third busiest holiday weekend of the year so far, behind only the Juneteenth weekend, which included Father’s Day, and the Presidents Day break.

No additional information was provided.