(WFRV) – The Wisconsin State Patrol posted its February Law of the Month, The Rules for Roundabouts.

It says there are more than 550 roundabouts statewide and they are designed as a way to reduce crashes and improve traffic flow.

“Crash data proves roundabouts are safer than traditional intersections because there are fewer right-angle, head-on, and left-turn collisions, which can be very dangerous for passengers.”

The Wisconsin State Patrol states that there are more than 36 thousand crashes at intersections every year and roundabouts reduce fatal crashes by about 90 percent.

The State law says drivers must yield to the right of way and give space to trucks and larger vehicles at a roundabout.

Drivers are also required to yield to emergency vehicles. If drivers are already in the roundabout when an emergency vehicle enters, do not stop inside the roundabout. Exit the roundabout and then pull to the side.

For help using a roundabout, The Wisconsin Department of Transportation says these are good rules to follow:

  • Slow Down
  • Yield to all lanes of traffic on your left
  • Yield to traffic already in the roundabout
  • Stay in your lane and do not change lanes as you go through
  • Use your turn signal and exit carefully

For more information and tips on roundabouts, go to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Website.