GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has continued for more than a year and Wisconsin nonprofit organizations are shining a light on the invasion.

Members of Wisconsin Ukrainians hosted a peace vigil to honor those suffering, board member Yulia Barstow says they’re hoping the invasion ends soon.  

“One of the reasons why we held this service was to bring awareness to the community, not everyone knows what’s going on or the severity of what’s going on. It’s a full-blown war, it’s very brutal,” stated Barstow.  

Wisconsin Ukrainians hosted a peace vigil for the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Members of the nonprofit organization say they cannot believe what is happening in the place they call home. 

“Unfortunately, we hear about wars that we have around the world, but I never thought it would happen in my own country and I never thought it would happen in the middle of Europe,” explained Oksana Kobzar, secretary of Wisconsin Ukrainians. 

The vigil provides an opportunity for those defending Ukraine to be recognized. Volunteer Yevgen Melnykon says he feels he must help those in need. 

“Since the war started a year ago, I started volunteering right away for Wisconsin Ukrainians. It is my responsibility to help as much as we can for Ukrainian or Ukrainian people here or in Ukraine,” stated Melnykon. 

As the invasion continues, community leaders hope for a brighter future. Kobzar says her country must remain strong.  

“It’s important that Ukraine is doing and standing today after the full-scale invasion that Ukrainians continue to fight for their existence and for their freedom,” said Kobzar. 

The nonprofit organization plans to host more events soon.