(WFRV) – Whether it’s their first time smooching or it’s been a while since they’ve locked lips, a new study revealed Wisconsinites are aching to learn how to kiss.

The study, conducted by CenturyLinkQuote, found that in 2022, the most googled relationship question in Wisconsin has been: How to Kiss?

CenturyLinkQuote team members arrived at this conclusion by using the Google search volume to determine which relationship questions Americans asked the most. Researchers then plugged the six most searched questions into Google Trends to see which question was googled most by each state.

Wisconsinites feeling shy or ashamed about this revelation, may find comfort in knowing the study found that 31 other states were also asking google for some smooching tips.

Furthermore, the study shared Wisconsin’s most googled relationship questions in the past two years:

YearMost Googled Question in Wisconsin
2020How to propose?
2021How to get over a breakup?
2022How to Kiss?

For those wanting to avoid an awkward moment and learn how to plant the perfect kiss, no matter what the scenario may be, click here. For the full study, click here.