(WFRV) – The holidays tend to be times during the year when back-to-back celebrations featuring steady streams of alcohol and never-ending social interactions are fairly common, and maybe even expected. Well, a new study is revealing that these party-essentials coupled with the close proximity between each holiday event are leading people to experience a ‘festive burnout” before the year is up.

The American Addiction Centers (AAC), a leading provider of addiction treatment resources, defines a “festive burnout” as a state when people begin feeling “burnt out” and are in need of a break from alcohol and partying.

AAC officials say this year, they started tracking festive burnouts across the nation the day after Thanksgiving using surveys that asked drinkers to determine at which point they feel like they’ve reached this plateau of festive burnout.

After approximately 3,192 respondents were surveyed, AAC experts used their results to compile a list showcasing each state and the date on average that drinkers will reach this point. While Wisconsin wasn’t the first state to reach peak festive burnout, according to the survey results, it seems Wiscosinites will be reaching that point very soon.

AAC reports that the average Wisconsin drinker expects to reach a state of festive burnout by December 10.

A full breakdown of all 50 states and their average festive burnout date is available in the table below.

StateDays Into Holiday SeasonAverage Festive Burnout Date
Alabama13Dec. 9
Arizona11Dec. 7
Arkansas11Dec. 7
California15Dec. 10
Colorado15Dec. 10
Connecticut15Dec. 11
Delaware17Dec. 13
Florida15Dec. 10
Georgia15Dec. 11
Hawaii15Dec. 10
Idaho16Dec. 12
Illinois14Dec. 10
Indiana13Dec. 8
Iowa13Dec. 9
Kansas14Dec. 10
Kentucky16Dec. 12
Louisiana15Dec. 12
Maine18Dec. 14
Maryland16Dec. 12
Massachussetts9Dec. 5
Michigan15Dec. 10
Minnesota16Dec. 11
Mississippi13Dec. 8
Missouri11Dec. 6
Montana7Dec. 3
Nebraska16Dec. 12
Nevada 15Dec. 10
New Hampshire20Dec. 15
New Jersey15Dec. 10
New Mexico18Dec. 13
New York15Dec. 10
North Carolina15Dec. 10
North Dakota14Dec. 10
Ohio14Dec. 9
Oklahoma13Dec. 8
Oregon17Dec. 12
Pennsylvania17Dec. 13
Rhode Island9Dec. 5
South Carolina11Dec. 6
South Dakota15Dec. 11
Tennessee17Dec. 12
Texas16Dec. 11
Utah15Dec. 11
Vermont7Dec. 3
Virginia15Dec. 11
Washington16Dec. 11
West Virginia14Dec. 10
Wisconsin 15Dec. 11
Wyoming16Dec. 12
Data provided by American Addiction Centers

For those feeling like they have already reached the point of a festive burnout or are nearing that point, AAC experts say a way to combat this feeling is to engage in mindfulness-based activities such as meditation, yoga or journaling.

For more information surrounding festive burnouts, visit the American Addiction Centers page.