APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Spring is here, but snow continues to fall in Northeast Wisconsin. Locals say they were hoping our warmer temperatures were here to stay.

“It’s kind of bittersweet, I love the snow, but I was getting used to the warmer weather, getting a motorcycle out and doing all that kind of stuff getting my summer cars out,” stated Lance Thorne, Little Chute, WI. 

Little Chute resident Lance Thorne says he did not expect Wisconsin’s most recent snowfall. 

“It kind of throws a wrench in your plans when it’s 40 degrees one day and then you’re back to 28 degrees and it’s snowy,” said Thorne. 

 Thorne says the snow could prove to be dangerous if not removed from the streets. 

“It’s slippery out here, I’ve seen a couple of vans try to turn around and they were slipping and sliding already so,” explained Thorne. 

Appleton resident Jim Sefeldt says he has lived in Appleton his entire life and is no stranger to icy conditions. 

“Oh, as familiar as you can get with it, it is Wisconsin,” stated Sefeldt.  

Sefeldt says even locals need to be reminded to slow down in these driving conditions, but to be completely safe, he suggests staying off the roads altogether.  

“Just drive slow it’s not worth it, just stay home if you can that’s what I would do,” said Sefeldt. 
More snowfall is expected next week.