(WFRV) – The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has announced steps they are taking to address the bus driver shortage throughout Wisconsin.

The Department will be implementing a temporary waiver for the portion of the test that identifies ‘under the hood’ engine components. That portion will be waived until March 31. All other components of the written and road test will remain in place.

DMV Administrator Kristina Boardman says they are doing what they can to ease the local effect, “WisDOT is taking every available opportunity to ease the strain on communities struggling to recruit drivers by removing barriers that might keep prospective drivers from applying.”

Drivers receiving a CDL under the waiver are only allowed to operate intrastate school buses and are not authorized to operate trucks, motor coaches, or any other type of commercial motor vehicle.

And if you’re a former bus driver that let your school bus license lapse, the DMV has sent letters encouraging interested drivers to renew their license. “With the critical shortage of school bus drivers in Wisconsin, we hope these steps will support new and returning drivers to get behind the wheel and ensure all students have convenient, safe transportation to their local schools,” said Boardman.