They say home is where the heart is and there’s a lot of love in a new home built by Green Bay community members for a deserving family.

Habitat for Humanity just dedicated it’s 115th Habitat home and handed over the keys to the new home owners.

This past April, Habitat for Humanity’s “Women Build” program invited women to help build a home for the Christnot-DeGroot family.

The family had to volunteer some time to make this happen as well, but their application process to actually get the home began two years ago.

“Through the process my fiancé was kind of like well what’s the likelihood that they are going to pick us or approve us or that we even get a house,” says new Habitat home owner Jasmine Christnot. “I said, we’ve got a try right and now and here we are, two years later with our very own home.”

Two years later and after putting in 500 volunteer hours themselves the Christnot-Degroot family can cross the threshold to a new home, but also a new chapter.

“Women Build” kicked off the project four months ago with the help of some Local 5 folks, but more than 600 hours of work from the community made it possible.

“Everybody has a gift that they can share to help our community improve,” says Terry Smith, a “Women Build” volunteer. “We need to be aware that there is need out there and everyone can help a small part.”

Two parents, four kids, two dogs and a circle of people will soon make this house a home.

“It really means a lot to know that people are here for us and are happy for us and that they’re supporting us,” says Christnot.

The Christnot-Degroot family have a zero-interest and affordable mortgage that is made possible through generous donations of money, materials and volunteer labor.