DOOR COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – Woof woof hooray! The Door County Sheriff’s Office is asking for support to help bring two K-9 deputies to the community.

The Door County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Foundation, a partnership between the Door County Sheriff’s Office and the Door County Community Foundation, announced they are raising funds in an effort to bring two k-9 units to help continue making the community a safer place.

“Having a K9 unit in Door County again has proven to be such an asset for the Sheriff’s Office and
our community,” said Deputy Matt Tassoul.

Deputy Tassoul, who was K-9 Deputy Odinn’s handler, advocates for this initiative by recalling how much of a help it was working with Odinn before his passing, “I’ve had the opportunity to utilize Odinn in a variety of ways; we’ve searched for missing persons, removed dangerous drugs off the streets, and deployed him in very high-risk situations which allowed for a safe outcome for all.”

K9 Deputy Odinn certainly left big paws to fill and the Door County Sheriff’s Office says they are ready to try and fill those paw prints with the implementation of two new K-9 deputies.

According to deputies, the first K-9 unit will be a dual-purpose unit trained in detection and patrol work. This K-9 unit will function in the same manner as Odinn by assisting its handler with not only detection but
apprehension and subduing a suspect if necessary.

The second K-9 unit will reportedly be strictly trained as a tracking and detection animal to help with missing persons, drug detection, and community service. The Door County Sheriff’s Office anticipates the total cost of both K-9 deputies, training, and equipment to be around $58,350.

“The Crime Prevention Foundation has provided many grants to Door County law enforcement agencies over the past several years,” said Sheriff Tammy Sternard. “Our goal is to promote innovative programs and equipment that will enhance local law enforcement in establishing strategies to prevent crime and strengthen relationships with the community. We feel that the K-9 units match that mission perfectly. It is our hope that the community will once again come together to support this initiative.”

For more information about the Door County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Foundation, or to
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