A week long campaign at Appleton East High School  meant to change student’s perspective on issues like homelessness, depression, and diversity will wrap up Friday afternoon.

The “Words Hurt Campaign” is in its ninth year at the school, and has been organized by students since its beginning.

The week started with each student being asked to anonymously write their source of strength during times of need on a piece of paper.

Those pieces were then taped to a wall, in the shape of the word #ACTION.

Action is just what this week is all about. 

“We’re looking for our students, our kids to not just talk the talk but walk the walk,” Social Studies teach Dave Erickson said. “And make sure they’re doing the right thing and not bullying.”

Thursday, students listened to eight speakers throughout the day – touching on tough issues like youth suicide – diversity – disabilities – and depression.

All these topics were chosen specifically by a team of students and teachers.

“It brings awareness to the kids about many of the issues that young people struggle with,” Erickson said.

Awareness being the key word – that hopefully leads to something more.

“That’s our push this year. Action,” Erickson said.