Worker Causes $90,000 in Electrical and Water Damages to Assisted Living Facility

Local News
Bellevue Fire_1547779328309.PNG.jpg

A worker at an Assisted Living Center in Bellevue activated a sprinkler system through the use of a torch earlier today, which in turn caused the main electrical panel to short out, knocking out the electricial for the entire building.

Bellevue Fire and Rescue Units were sent to the incident at 1660 Hoffman Road around 12:15 PM after reports of a fire alarm sounding off.

Upon arrival, there was light smoke in the main electrical room and the fire sprinkler system and fire alarm for the entire building were also affected. 

Firefighters were also able to rescue occupants trapped in an elevator, and had to provide light to the interior and exterior of the building while assisting occupants with medical needs, evacuating occupants who needed from the three-story building. 

The building was inhabited by 175 occupants.

Fire crews were on scene for approximately 6 hours, however, there were no injuries to firefighters or civilans.

The most extensive damage was confined to the main electrical panels and water damage was minimal in the rest of the buidling.

Estimated loss and damaged is approximately $90,000.

The investigation is ongoing. 

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