GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The water is not completely frozen in the bay of Green Bay. The owner of Smokey’s on the Bay, Jeff Tilkens says it’s not safe to go ice fishing.  

“This year, the ice conditions on the bay of Green Bay is probably the worst I’ve seen in, I don’t know, maybe ten or twenty years,” said Tilkens.

He says the temperature is the cause of the problem.  

“With the warmer weather, the runoff from the roads, it’s very dangerous. If you look outside my shop out here, the Fox Rivers is completely open,” said Tilkens.

While admitting the water is bad for ice fishing Tilkens also believes the current ice conditions are bad for Green Bay businesses. 

“Not only is the ice being not safe hurting fisherman, but it’s hurting hotels, restaurants, bars, the local economy is being affected by this,” said Tilkens.

Tilkens encourages people planning to ice fish to bring friends and safety gear. 

“You should always use the buddy system, and then you should have a spud bar, you should have a throw rope, and then you got to watch what kind of conditions you’re fishing in, if you’re fishing in a shallow bay, check your ice conditions before you go out there,” stated Tilkens. 

Tilkens believes that there are less than 5-6 inches of ice on the bay.