Across the country there were 1,200 ceremonies to place wreaths in an effort to remember the fallen, honor those who serve and teach the next generation about the sacrifice members of the military make for our country.

This morning at the Brown County Veterans Memorial the Civil Air Patrol put on a ceremony where active duty members of each branch of the military placed a wreath to honor those who came before them.

This ceremony also gave everybody who attended the ceremony a chance to offer their thanks for those warriors who are currently serving our country.

And it comes during a fitting time of the year when so many men and women who are down range will not get a chance to spend the holidays with their families.

“I can speak to that after being in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Marines Corps Sgt. John Stradford. “It’s the support that means so much from my family and our country that keep you going when you are over there.”

This ceremony also pays tribute to the heroes who never made it home, who made the ultimate sacrifice.