Ye Old Goat owner says Oshkosh property will sell this week

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The owner of the antique store Ye Old Goat says the Oshkosh building is being sold by the end of the week.
This comes a day after news broke of a code violation on the property, which has been closed since its roof collapsed last winter.

“March 10th. Won’t ever forget it,” said Meghan Keller, owner of Ye Old Goat.

The manager at the Oshkosh location was about to discover that the store lost the battle with the snow.

“She unlocked the door like normal, walked in, and immediately noticed that something was very wrong,” she said.

It ended up taking two months to clear the building as an immediate safety hazard.
The intention was to raise the roof–until she heard the price.

“I don’t know that we ever even got an estimate that we even thought that was an option,” said Keller. “It was astronomical prices and that was just obviously the repairs that they could see.”

Once the evaluations were done, it made sense to sell.
That includes the storage warehouses next door.

“We close on the building on Friday,” she said. “It is a local businessman that’s purchasing the property. As for his plans, I’m not sure.”

The city may end up getting the plan for the land it’s wanted since issuing a code violation last week.

“I had no idea that they wanted to know what our intentions were or what we were working on or what our process was,” said Keller. “There was a lot of actual stuff going on behind the scenes to make sure the future of that property is something beneficial to the city.”

John Zarate, the chief building official for Oshkosh, says if the building is sold, the code violation would transfer to the new owner who would still need to contact the city with a plan for the property by September 19th.

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