GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The world nearly froze after watching Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin suffer an injury while doing what he loves. Nebraska’s Brady Beran says he can relate to what Hamlin is going through.

On September 24, 2004, Beran’s life changed forever while playing football for his high school, when he was hit like never before. 

“It was a close game but then in the third quarter, I had a helmet-to-helmet collision with an opposing player. When that happened, I was slow to get up and walk to the sidelines,” said Beran.  

The game stopped and Beran needed help to get off the field. Coaches and players quickly realized he needed immediate medical attention. 

“When I got to the sidelines, I collapsed. I was unconscious and unresponsive, so they stopped the game, the trainer called an ambulance, and the ambulance came and took me to the trauma center,” said Beran.  

After arriving at the hospital, his parents were told he needed to be rushed to surgery to save his life. The surgery he was receiving had a less than five percent chance of survival. Beran says the road to recovery was tough. 

“I woke up five weeks later unable to walk, talk, read, or even eat, but thanks be to God the power of prayer and his mercy, he showed me I was eventually able three months later to leave the hospital, reading at a kindergarten level and only needing one person to help me walk instead of five,” said Beran. 

Beran no longer plays football but says watching what happened to Damar Hamlin hits close to home. 

“You can get through anything Damar; I could tell him that I’m already so proud of him for how he’s fighting and to just keep making today better than yesterday was, and making tomorrow even better,” said Beran.

Hamlin has yet to be released from the hospital; Beran says he wishes Hamlin a speedy recovery. 

“I’m going to keep praying for Damar and I know that the rest of the world and this country will do the same,” said Beran. 

Beran is planning to release a book encouraging people to preserve through adversity.