SHAWANO, Wis. (WFRV) – During a Tuesday meeting, Shawano Superintendent Randi Anderson faced questions and criticism from the community over multiple topics.

The attendees consisted of parents, teachers, residents and others. Anderson was joined by Shawano School District Director of Finance Josh Swanson. This was Anderson’s first public appearance since the petition to have her removed started.

Some of the many topics that were brought up were:

  • Student enrollment
  • Budget
  • Consultants
  • Staffing
  • Technology

Anderson also talked about how she has not been in the classroom, but it was not by choice but rather because of COVID. She also wanted to let the attendees know that her ‘heart and soul’ are in this community.

There was mention of the student enrollment, and Anderson said they have room for 3,300 students, but only have 2,200. When it came to the budget, which Anderson has been under fire for, it was mentioned that in 2026 the district should be debt-free.

One attendee, who mentioned that she was a parent and a community member said: “We don’t care about this spiel anymore. You’ve (Anderson) had your three years, we are failing. You have failed us.”

Another attendee, who said he was a teacher and a parent, posed questions to Anderson regarding the decrease in teaching positions, but an increase in district staff.

There is also a petition asking for the removal of Anderson. The petition on its own doesn’t have the power to force Anderson out, rather those who signed the petition tell Local 5 News they hope to put pressure on the Shawano School District School Board to remove her.

The full hour and thirty-eight-minute video captured by a Local 5 viewer can be seen here.