GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – When Belgian settlers came to this area, they brought with them some tasty recipes.

“It is 8-10 hours to make a batch for us. We cook the chickens overnight” explains Dan Nitka, Chef for The Booyah Shed.

His cast iron kettles are full of steaming goodness. But, this is no ordinary soup.

“You do not know how many times each week people ask us what is booyah?” he says with a laugh.

Familiarity with booyah depends on where in Northeast Wisconsin you live.

According to Nitka “Appleton really does not know about it. Brussels is the mecca for booyah“.

This is a stick to your ribs meal.

“Chicken soup on steroids we call it. It is basically very hearty, slow cooked, cast iron kettles, wood fire, chicken, hint of beef, lot of vegetables, beans. Gotta have green and gold in there for the Packers of course” Nitka says.


He grew up on the dish. “It goes way back in my family. My uncle used to do a spring and fall booyah party. That is what got me into it. Everybody would look forward to it. It is such a local thing too” he says.

Nitka wanted to share his love, but the ladle full.

“We sell it by the quart and we get people who take 4 or 8 quarts” he says of The Booyah Shed. “Everybody can make it. There is no right or wrong. We seem to have hit on a recipe here that people like”.

So what is the secret? According to Nitka “You have got to have the hint of the beef in there. Old school was ox tail everybody says”.

But after that, his lips were sealed.

“We love doing it, when people come enjoy it, that is the biggest thing”.

Here is a bit of trivia for your next booyah party. The name booyah was derived from the French word that means to boil.

You can track down the Booyah Shed by checking out their Facebook Page: