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Your Wisconsin: Pony Playce

APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) - Did you ever ask for a pony growing up? An Appleton business is the stuff kids dreams are made of.

Former teacher Linda McLernon has stepped out of the classroom and into the stable. "After my daughter was grown, I was not done playing with the ponies I just wanted to keep sharing them with the next generation" she explains. It's why McLernon created Pony Playce. 

"I have always enjoyed working with children and I have also loved working with horses. So this was the brainchild of putting my two passions together" she says.

You can set up a private pony play date for your family or book a party for a group. According to McLernon "We see kids from learning to walk, up to about age ten. Our ponies can accommodate children up to 100 pounds". 

Each visit is themed and educational. "They can choose princesses, knights, cowboys, cowgirls" she says, noting that unicorns are also very popular. 

Some of the packages even include a trip to the dress - up room. "Then they get to meet the ponies, learn a little bit about ponies, help set up the stall and take care of the ponies. Then we have a short story based on what theme they have chosen. They get to groom and brush the pony and then have a ride". 

After all the play, everyone is ready for a snack. "The pony comes right to the table and we serve bagged snacks and juice boxes" says McLernon. 

Pony Playce is also a Girl Scout community partner, using programs created by McLernon, the girls can earn badges. 

You need a reservation for Pony Playce. Find more information here: http://www.ponyplayce.com/ 

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