APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Fermented foods are at the top of nutrition trends for 2018. A local couple is making it easy to incorporate these flavors of the world into your diet. 

“We have sweets, we have heats and a little in between” says Eric Riggers, creator of Reinvent Ferment along with his wife Karen. The pair are making their first batches of curry cauliflower for public sale. 

“Our products are living fermented foods. That means that they are not cooked, or heat processed in any way. The fermentation process which is kind of magic” Karen says with pride. 

Their company just got its processing license. “Part of the accessibility is understanding that not everybody has the time or skills or even kitchen counter space to be able to do this at home. People are interested in connecting with local products” Eric says. 

While fermented foods like yogurt, wine, and pickles are pretty common, the Riggers wanted to expand peoples pallets. 

“Our kraut, our kimchi, we have curry cauliflower, have a really delicious crunch and kind of a tang to them that we think is really delicious” Karen explains. But, the ingredient label on a classic like kraut is not quite what you’d expect. “All that is in that is cabbage, salt, fennel and caraway” she says.  

So how do you use fermented foods? “You can eat them on salads, you can put them on sandwiches you can put them on a lovely Charcuterie tray with cheeses and crackers” Karen says. 

These jarred creations come on the heels of a rise in unique fermented foods like kombucha. 

According to Karen “Fermented foods are getting new life now as we understand the benefits of living fermented foods”. Benefits that start in the gut. “There is a link between gut health and obesity, there is a link between a lot of chronic health conditions and gut health” she explains. 

The Riggers found that these building blocks of health were missing from their weekly menu. “As our diets have changed and we have moved away from whole foods and more toward processed foods, we are missing a lot of the elements that we find in whole fruits, foods or vegetables” Karen explains. 

Ferments helped their family reinvent their diet.

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