GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — Before a new mayor was selected, Jim Schmitt wanted to make sure to celebrate his long career in public service. And the site for the occasion was the newly opened Hotel Northland.

Family, friends, and colleagues gathered together to bid the mayor farewell. There was live music, champagne, an upbeat atmosphere, and plenty of stories to go around.

The mayor also wanted to make sure he said a proper farewell to the people of the city who elected him to four terms in office.

On April 1, Schmitt hosted an open house at City Hall. There were snacks and refreshments, and the mayor gave away many items he’d collected over the years. They included things like hats, coffee mugs, shirts, pens, and much more.

At the open house, the mayor said he’s sad to leave office, but the timing is right for him.

“Someone gave me this opportunity, now I can hand it off to someone else. I feel good, I’m going to be a resident here and taxpayer here. I’ll keep tabs like you guys have kept tabs on me, but I really feel at peace with this. It’s a good decision for me, and it’s the right time.”