(WPHL) – After nearly a decade, the iconic Zoo Pal plates are back.

Zoo Pals plates are being sold online starting this week, Hefty announced.

The line of colorful animal-themed paper plates will feature ten of the original iconic “Pals” like Curly the Pig, Domino the Dalmatian, Fritz the Frog, Kosmo the Cow, and more.

As one of the most memorable and nostalgic products of every 2000 kid’s childhood, with a catchy jingle and all (Oink Oink Zoo Pals… Zoo Pals make eating fun!) Zoo Pals plates are the perfect choice for picky eaters, kids and adults who just want to reminisce.

Just like the original Zoo Pals, the new collection plates offer three portioned sections to put all your favorite foods, with one large space for your main food item and two ears or feet for dipping sauces and sides.

“Over the last nine years, we have received many calls, social media, and even petition requests from fans to bring back Zoo Pals and the wait is finally over,” said Jen Ganahl, Senior Brand Manager at Reynolds Consumer Products. “With this re-launch, our original fans will be able to relive their fondest childhood memories as adults and we’re excited to bring the joy of mealtime with Zoo Pals plates to the next generation.”

Zoo Pals plates can be purchased in 20-packs on Amazon or other online retailers.