Marquette, Michigan wins national title for snowiest

Marquette Michigan had nearly 150 inches of snowfall so far this winter (2014/2015)
- Marquette, Michigan (WFRV/WJMN) --While the Northeast is getting all of the attention, it's really Marquette, Michigan that's getting all the snow- according to the National Weather Service. Just shy of 150 inches of snow has fallen in Marquette so far this winter - the most in the nation.

The season started with a mid-November snowfall that dropped up to 40 inches in part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. And winter still has a strong grip on the region. 

Says Todd Kluber of the National Weather Service, "Up here, we're used to seeing lots of snow. 100, 200, sometimes 300 inches of snow per year along Lake Superior or even more across portions of Upper Michigan."

Kluber goes on to point out that while the Northeast is seeing less than the UP, it's still a lot for them and it has come in a short period of time.

While Marquette has the most snowfall this winter, Buffalo, New York comes in second with just under a hundred inches of snow, and Boston is actually third, with about 90 inches of snow.

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