Parking information for Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic


The Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic opens to the public Tuesday with practice rounds for the players. But if you’re going, the only place to park your car is at NWTC.

At Thornberry Creek the golf course is ready for the pros, as Tuesday brings the start of practice rounds.

“It’s exciting times here. We’re excited to get after it,” said Jon-Paul Genet, tournament director.

But with 60,000 spectators anticipated for the week Genet reminds everyone, the only place to park a vehicle is here at NWTC.

“Anybody whose come here (Thornberry Creek) knows the parking lot can’t accommodate parking for everybody,” said Genet.

For the third year, the LPGA and NWTC have teamed up to offer free parking at the college and free shuttles back and forth from the course, with drop off and pick up outside the main entrance.

“It makes it easy for them, again if you go to the larger tournaments they’ll have spots where you can go back and get a bus ride over,” said Bob Mathews, VP of Business and Finance for NWTC.

“We’re able to utilize four or five of their parking lots there, which is a substantial amount of room for our spectators to come and go as they please,” Genet said.

A benefit for golf fans, but also an important tool for security to help keep everyone safe.

“It also allows us to have everyone come in, in a uniformed fashion. So we’re able to track the vehicles in the parking lot, track everybody who comes through admissions,” Genet said.

The shuttles run all day long and are the only way on and off the course.

“It may be a few minute wait, but shuttles are just constantly flowing in and out of here,” Genet said.

Important information to remember if headed to the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic.

Gates for Tuesday’s practice rounds open at 7 a.m.

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