ALLOUEZ, Wis. (WFRV) – An Allouez man, along with his classic car club Garage Sessions, is collecting pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald house.

Dave Kuik coordinates the tab collection for Green Bay and neighboring areas, including Allouez, De Pere, Howard, and Ashwaubenon.

Kuik and his friends in Garage sessions began collecting the tabs about five years ago. He says, “We just started out by going to car shows, and people are handing in pull tabs, and I said, ‘Well, why not Green Bay?'”

Every Father’s Day weekend, Kuik and fellow club members will rev up some classic car engines to deliver the pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald House to a car show in Minneapolis.

The charity raises money for families who need a place to stay while attending to their child in the hospital.

Last year, Garage Sessions collected 220 pounds of tabs. While only 50 cents a pound may not seem like much, Kuik says a little goes a long way.

“It’s for the kids. Kids are important. That’s who’s going to run our world later on in life, and just to help the kids, that’s all there is,” Kuik says.

If you are interested in donating your tabs to Kuik, you can message him on Facebook.