ALLOUEZ, Wis. (WFRV) – Jurassic Park is no longer just a fictional theme park because “Jurassic Jim” Brisbane of Allouez has recreated it in his backyard.

Located on Kalb Avenue, anyone can walk with the dinosaurs when they tour Jurassic Jim’s backyard for free.

“You can’t see this everywhere. You’d have to go to California or somewhere, but I got it right here in my backyard,” Jim says.

From Jeeps, mannequins dressed as park rangers, and of course dinosaurs, Jim’s Jurassic Park has it all. Jim gives free dinosaur toys for anyone visiting, because for him, the kids touring his property make it all worthwhile.

Jim says, “Usually whenever they come through the gate, first come through the gate right here, there’s a big smile on their face, and when they leave there’s a bigger smile.”

It also takes a lot of upkeep to maintain this park. He stores the large dinosaurs in his shed in the winter while he covers the rest up with tarps. When the dinosaurs chip from sun damage, Jim also paints them over.

While Jim has had these decorations up for nearly 7 years, it had a surge in popularity when a storm tore down his fence, leaving everything on display.

He says, “I have fan mail from out of state. Minnesota, Texas, California.”

Jurassic Jim’s Park is open for tours from the spring until the end of October.