ALLOUEZ, Wis. (WFRV) – The Miracle League opened its 17th season on Saturday with a remarkable 200 athletes and 16 teams.

Founder Paul Liegeois still can’t believe how far the organization has come. “We had 65 players and two teams, and the field was dirt,” he recalled after organizers surprised him with a unique sign under the scoreboard.

The league ensures that all kids can play baseball, regardless of ability. Some of the players are as young as four and all the way up to 19.

They come from all over the region.

Liz Sawyer of Kewaunee brought her son Ben to play. The family travels since Dad is in the Air Force. Ben, born in Germany, has taken a liking to America’s pastime.

“I want to get better at baseball,” he told Local 5’s Michele McCormack. “And I want to have fun!”

Ben’s mom also got a lot from the experience.

“For me as a parent, it’s wonderful to have something where Ben can participate. Usually, he’s on the sidelines.”

The Allouez Optimist Club has always supported this effort to give all kids a level playing field.

The special rubber field allows any child to most with ease, no matter how they might get around the bases.

There are also hundreds of buddies who are there beside them. Volunteers who make sure the Miracle League athletes stay safe and enjoy the game.

Every at-bat results in a hit, every hit results in a run, and all Miracle Games end in a tie.

It’s a new way to keep score in life where everybody wins.

The fun does not end there.

On July 30, the Miracle League of Green Bay celebrates its very own day at Capitol Field with the Green Bay Rockers baseball team.