DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) – While most teenagers are celebrating the snow day by staying inside and playing video games, one group of high school students is helping the community.

Led by Sahith Rimmalapudi, a senior at De Pere High School, he and a group of friends are spending the snow day shoveling out neighbors.

Rimmalapudi is part of a De Pere High School club named Key Club International which is an international service organization for high school students. As a student-led organization, Key Club’s goal is to encourage leadership through serving others.

“I really like volunteering,” said Rimmalapudi. “I have over 300 service hours, and I’ve been in Key Club for four years now. There are over 150 people, and this year I’m the president, and I realized I wanted to do more things for the community, and so I started ‘The De Pere Shoveling Team.'”

Rimmalapudi continued to tell Local 5 News the De Pere Shoveling Team is a group of guys that goes around the community and finds people that need help, and the guys just ‘start shoveling away,’ free of charge.

The idea stems from Rimmalapudi’s elderly neighbors, someone he’s helped out frequently during massive snowstorms like the one that rolled through northeast Wisconsin over the past 48 hours.

“They need help a lot, and normally I shovel for them, and that got me thinking that there’s a lot of older people that live in the area,” added Rimmalapudi. “I figured we could get a group of guys and help them out.”

Although the group of guys shovels out of the kindness of their hearts, Rimmalapudi says that it’s a great feeling seeing how appreciative some of the neighbors can be.

“Sometimes we’ll go to a house, and people will start crying because they’re really thankful for everything we do, and it’s just a cool feeling to know that helping out, saving them an hour or two, especially with how big some of these mounds are.”

Fellow senior Caden Cauldwell echoed a lot of the feelings Rimmalapudi explained about helping out those in need.

“It is a rewarding feeling to give back to the people and see their reactions,” said Cauldwell. “It’s more rewarding to do it for the sake of others rather than getting something in return.”

Cauldwell continued to tell Local 5 News that shoveling isn’t a chore for the boys but rather a good bonding experience and something they’ll never forget.